• The digital ticket security system generates a unique code for only one access, copies are prohibited. Once validated it can not be reused. and the organization of the event are not responsible for tickets purchased outside the authorized network. ** IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO PRINT YOUR TICKET. JUST SHOW THE QR CODE ON THE CELL PHONE * *** NO RETURNS FROM TICKETS AND CAN NOT BE TRANSFERRED ***
  • Resale of this digital ticket is prohibited, tickets purchased from third parties may be fraudulent. reserves the right to request the photocopy and credit card of the holder used in the purchase by the site to access the event.
  • If an event is canceled, and you purchased your ticket through, we will automatically issue you a refund to the credit card, debit card that you used to purchase that ticket. If a ticket was purchased through a retail location, please contact us for a refund. If the event was moved or rescheduled, the Event Provider may set refund limitations. Please contact us for more information or to request a refund IF APPLICABLE!

Policies & Procedures

  • The ticket is valid only for the event, date, time, place and seat to which it was issued. Please check the data carefully at the time of purchase. You must reach the event at least 30 minutes in advance.

  • Keep your ticket in a safe place, away from the heat, avoiding folds and contact with other materials that could damage it.

  • By determination of the organization of the event, the doors should be closed at the time informed on the ticket. There will be no refund for ticket holders arriving after doors are closed.

  • There will be no ticket exchange, no refund of money in case of delay or purchase on the eve of the show.

  • In case of regret, we inform you that it is not possible to request cancellation or exchange of tickets.

  • If there is any exception, any change in the event date or any other event outside the normality in which it is necessary to make a refund, it may take up to 45 days to be processed.

  • There will be no ticket exchange, no refund of money in case of delay or purchase on the eve of the show.

  • It is not possible to request cancellation and refund after the date of the event.

  • Tiktx is not responsible for tickets purchased outside our points of sale.

  • Always check the page of the event on our website to update any changes that may occur in the event, and always keep your email address updated on our website to receive the latest updates on the event, such as location changes, date and cancellations. Tiktx is exempt from any responsibility in case the customer`s message box is full or refusing to receive new e-mails, being this one of personal or professional use.

  • The ticket has security items and will be subjected to verification at the event`s concierge. The bar code/QR code contained in the ticket is unique and does not repeat, guaranteeing only one-time access to the event.

  • The production of the event reserves the right to ask the public for an official photo identification to access the event.

  • This event can be recorded, filmed or photographed. By participating in the event, the holder of this ticket agrees and authorizes the free use of his image for an indeterminate period.

  • Tiktx has nothing to do with the organization of the event. Issues such as values, promotions, changes of date, restitution of values in cases provided by law and any other demand related to the event are the sole responsibility of its producers and organizers.